Welcome to the wikispace for the MFLTwitterati Dropboxes


Thanks to @amandasalt, the creator of the original MFL Twitterati Dropbox, UK MFL teachers have a superb online space to share resources and ideas. Owing to its growing popularity, size and member list, the Dropbox has since been split into six separate Dropbox Folders: MFLTwitterati (for general/multi-language resources), a multi-language Controlled Assessment Moderation folder, plus five language-specific folders, namely French, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese and Welsh for English medium at present. This allows teachers to join only those folders which they need and save some of their precious storage space!


Have you run out of room? DON'T DELETE FILES!

Although the files download to your personal computer, you are still using the shared web folder that everyone accesses. To add files to your OWN computer you must COPY and PASTE them over to a different folder (outside of Dropbox). Do not panic if it says your dropbox is full. When there are lots of duplicates, the folders go over the free 2GB allowance, but DO NOT BEGIN DELETING FILES !!! Instead:

Tweet a curator to let us know it is full - we are well practised at tidying up and freeing up lots of space. DO NOT DELETE FILES!!

Try some of the things on this page

Tweet one of the curators for tips to get more space (We will also then give it a good tidy out as it is usually a sign there are duplicate files)

Want an invite?

Read this page carefully
Take note of the number in the image at the bottom
Tweet a curator and follow them. NB: Joe Dale is not a curator.
They will ask you to DM your email address, languages and the number in the image at the bottom of this page
Read this page again :)


The Dropboxes are for UK MFL Teachers who are part of the #mfltwitterati community

UK MFL teachers/student teachers are, of course, welcome to join any or all of the folders by invitation, but we would ask that you read the guidelines below before you begin using the Dropboxes.

  • The MFL Twitterati Dropboxes are for UK MFL teachers only (to prevent the folders from becoming too large for free storage)

  • The Twitterati Dropboxes are a place to share teacher-created resources you have made

  • You must not share copyrighted material or files created by other people without their permission.

  • If you are new to Dropbox, take the tour on the Dropbox website before you start. It is extremely useful to help you find your way around.

  • Please note, the MFL Twitterati Dropboxes are shared folders, so anything you add/delete affects everyone else sharing the folders.

  • Please embed sound files and videos onto the appropriate page here, or put a link to a page, rather than put large files into Dropbox

  • If you want to move stuff elsewhere on your computer, copy and paste, DO NOT drag and drop it as it will delete it for everyone.

  • If a folder is taking up too much space, leave it properly through the Dropbox webpage, do not just delete the stuff.

  • A few of us keep restoring files that people have deleted (sometimes thousands at a time) and this has happened more than a few times now.

  • If you open a file to look and then save it you may create another copy in the folder which uses up more space for everyone. Please delete any conflicted copies you have inadvertently created where you see them.

  • If you want to amend a file for your use but it isn't substantially different, please save it to a personal folder as lots of near-duplicates use up storage space for everyone!

    (You can do this by creating a personal folder within your Dropbox if you wish , but OUTSIDE the Twitterati folders, please)

  • Large audio & video files should not be shared via the Dropboxes - they are often copyrighted and simply take up too much space for everyone. By all means post a link to resources you have created, but host them on this wiki or elsewhere, please. Extra pages have been created within this wikispace to embed videos and sound files - see page menu.

  • Before inviting new members to the Dropboxes, please point them to this wikispace. It may just save us all a lot of headaches!

If we all keep to these simple principles we can continue to benefit from the wonderful shared resources without causing major headaches to the fab Twitterati members who volunteer to curate the folders*.

Thank you and happy sharing!

Read the rules and want to join us? Click here

*NB - If you would like to volunteer to help us keep the files in order, please use the Dropbox Curators link on the left to sign up!


This is the number in the image you are looking for!
This is the number in the image you are looking for!